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Post any items and sorted materials you'd like to drop off or have picked up by nearby wishers.

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Post as many wishes as you like! We see recycled items and materials for homes, offices, classrooms, charities, factories, businesses...


Please email us if you don't see your item send us your suggestions for categories and subcategories to

Post your hair, fur, fleece clippings here! We will match you with hair mat, waddle and boom makers for storm drains and oil spill clean up! Upcycle materials to make toys Join our Music Matters team - and make instruments with recycled materials! Donate computers for school labs Donated corks from Valencia Street restaurants

We match wishes with gifts and we do the paperwork for you.


Donors drop off, recipients pick up, whatever works best for you.


Together we're organizing materials and diverting useful goods and supplies from the waste stream!


Let's sort, reuse, and recycle as much as we can, Everywhere!


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