1. You (Donors & Recipients) first SIGN UP - it's free (see why) and you provide your location (see why).

    Our charity only uses this database in-house for in-kind matching.  It's not sold or shared.  Our name is Matter of Trust for good reason.  :)

  2. You click on the activation link in your email and LOG IN.

  3. You click on the DEPARTMENT that best fits your gift or wish.

  4. You click on top menu MY GIFTS / MY WISHES in each department.

  5. You can ADD / VIEW / EDIT / POST PHOTO / DELETE / DUPLICATE as many GIFTS and / or WISHES as you want.  The more detail the better the matching.  Use Duplicate and edit for faster posting of many items.

  6. You can check any Important Info boxes that apply (pick up only, drop off only, need insured movers, will deliver for small fee...) when posting your gifts and wishes.

  7. You can also post offers and wishes in MOVERS DEPARTMENT for services (Delivery, Repair, Volunteering...) for free or small fee to help the flow in your area.

  8. We automatically and continually link gifts to matching wishes as they come in, using location and sub-categories etc.
  9. You can also BROWSE from the top menu for existing gifts and wishes in that department.  PLEASE NOTE LOCATION!

  10. We email POTENTIAL MATCH alerts and ACTION ITEMS will show up on your DASHBOARDS. Below Action Items Dashboard, you'll see EA Departments Dashboard. On department buttons: Flags = New Action Items.

  11. Click on wish / gift ID#s to VIEW DETAILS, REQUEST MATCHES, or SAVE gifts. By "saving" a gift, the item will be saved in your "Potential Matches," which can be found on your dashboard. To review any gift that you have SAVED, go into your potential matches, click on the gift, and then either click on "Request Match" or "Ignore Match."

  12. You (recipients and donors) will both receive automatic emails from REQUESTED MATCHES.  Emails / Alerts explain if you're first or on waiting list.  PLEASE NOTE ALL MATCHES ARE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

  13. DONORS contact recipients first to arrange a convenient pick up / drop off. (see How to have safe, great transfers).

  14. You (donors and recipients) can, GUILT FREE, any time a match is stuck, CANCEL FOR REMATCH FROM WAITING LIST or CANCEL AND DELETE (if gift is no longer available for any reason).  The goal is FLOW.  There are always more gifts and wishes!

  15. You (recipients and donors) can COMPLETE / VERIFY / PRINT / EDIT / VOID your TAX RECEIPTS any time.

  16. We will send out transfer reminders and automatically generate a TAX RECEIPT two weeks after the requested match.  Only you (recipients and donors) can click VERIFIED on your TAX RECEIPTS in DASHBOARD menu.  A verified status receipt means both donor and recipient have confirmed successful match completion.

    PLEASE NOTE:  If a donor cancels an initial auto-match AND passes over nonprofits on the waiting list in order to pick a business or individual recipient, the match cannot be VERIFIED and the tax receipt will reflect that this gift could be considered as "earmarked" by the IRS and a tax deduction may not apply.  That said, reuse and recycling is great and healthy for the environment.  We thank you for your donations and thoughtfulness!

    PLEASE NOTE:  Donors are solely responsible for any amounts they input on tax returns.  Consult your accountant regarding in-kind giving and depreciated amounts.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Lawyers think of everything.  The Terms and Conditions box you check in sign up states that any and all interactions of participants (individuals and organizations) on Excess Access are solely between participants and Excess Access and Matter of Trust shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings.

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