You'd like to donate to households in need, but don’t know where to start? Our system matches donated items with people who need them by ITEM and LOCATION.
Start posting GIFTS and WISHES in all 10 departments. The need is especially great in our Disaster Relief, Food & Compostables, and Home departments.

Donors (those who can give), you can post GIFTS of any items you can pass along.

Recipients (those in need), post your WISHES for items you and your community need!

It’s a way for us all to help through organizing and rebuilding for the future, one WISH and one GIFT at a time.
It’s FREE, fast and easy! Register to start wishing and gifting now...

Watch this video to learn more about the program

Post your hair, fur, fleece clippings here! We will match you with hair mat, waddle and boom makers for storm drains and oil spill clean up! Upcycle materials to make toys Join our Music Matters team - and make instruments with recycled materials! Donate computers for school labs Donated corks from Valencia Street restaurants

Our 10 Departments